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CH. Cyra Ze Zásmuk - "U"

Born Oct. 25th, 2000, fullydentured, scissors bite
Generally applicable hunting bitch golden retriever cyra

First golden retriever female dog in Czech Repaublic which is the CZECH BEAUTY CHAMPION as well CZECH WORK CHAMPION.

Cyra is golden retriever bitch of light golden colour and an excellent friend of the whole family. She is extremly flexible and versatile bitch. I used out the versatile personality of Cyra as the family pet, exhibition and hunting dog. She is mild, intelligent and always in good mood and she fulfills all my requirements and renders me more joy than I am able to give back.

I tried to develop all her natural features since the early youth because I was already more experienced in training. My efforts paid off. At ten month of age she has succesfully passed the autumn examinations and OVVR 1st place.

I decided to take the advice of friends having the retrievers too and pass with Cyra next exams. She likes to retrieve and has good ability to learn gladly and easy everything new. Thanks to that we passed together all the hunting exams and Cyra became versatile applicable hunting bitch of golden retriever and achieved the title of CZECH WORK CHAMPION. I am very pleased by achieved results which confirm that the hunting exams can be even done by the person which in not the hunter. head of golden retriever cyra

Cyra is also succesful at the exhibition field. She likes to show off at the exhibitions and reached the title CZECH BEAUTY CHAMPION.

I am looking now for the suitable groom for Cyra. He must fulfill all the nature, exterior, working and health criteria.

golden retriever cyra golden retriever cyra on snow