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Laura Slapská Alej

Born March 20th 1999, fullydentured

golden retriever laura

We treated ourselves to Laura to have good friend for our children and good companion for us. I´ve never considered attending any exhibitions or hunting examinations. When the little puppy grew up to a beautiful lady dog we decided to participate at an exhibition. We were so taken aback by the „goldies“ that we went through all necessary procedures important for breeding.

Laura has also fully developed „retriever´s“ features. She likes to swimm, jump and brings back anything possible. But her main temperament feature is kindness.

golden retriever laura

In 2002 Laura became mother of two dog boys and threee dog girls. Father of the puppies was ETIEN SONAK. The puppies got gradually acquinted both with garden and other dogs. I took good care of all the puppies, weighed and dewormed them regularly and when six month old they were vaccinated. The possible future owner of the puppies were requested to come for a short visit and a frindly chat where they would get to know everything important connected with „golden“.

golden retriever laura golden retriever laura on snow