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Claudia od Melmatěje

Czech Junior Champion
Czech Champion

Slovak champion
DKK 0/0, fullydentured, scissors bite

Claudia is the bitch from first litter in Czech Republic. She was born June 2nd 2002 in breeding kennels Od Melmateje in Rokycany region. How I met Claudia, actually? At first I contacted the breeder asking about the puppies of bern hound. They invited me for a visit and there, besides bern hound was the bitch of italian hound just pregnant. As soon as they opened the door and the italian hound appeared there, everything was clear immediately. Then I was just waiting for puppies to be born. I brought Claudia home at the beginning of August. She accomodated very fast in the surrounding and with the family and is the source of joy for me since.

When she was 8 month old she participaetd at her first exhibition where her balanced and calm temperament was confirmed. I decided to go for more exhibitions where se was very succesful again. In Septembre 2003 we achieved the title Czech Junior Champion and we participated in European exhibition in Bratislava.

Claudia is very smart concerning working and has excellent hunting abilities and this is why we plan to go for hunting exams.