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Bracco italiano

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Basic data:

Pedigree origin:18th century, Italy
Original purpose:tracking, exhibiting, retrieving
Present purpose:hunting dog, companion
Average age:12-13 years
Weight and height:25-40kg, 56-67 cm
Fur: short, shiny
Colouring: white with orange, chestnut and amber spots



This pedigree was very fashionable in renaissance Italy and very characteristic appearance on the french court of LuisXII and Francis I. It is quite possible, that it is the oldest hunting dog pedigree in Europe. Some written documents confirm the pedigree´s history back to th 5th century BC.

They say it has developed in Piemont and Lombardy and it is the result of crossbreeding of italian segugio with an old asian mastif dogs. Some derive his origin from sainthubert jura hound. Italian hound is wellproportioned dog with love for freedom.


laura sedící

He is a dog with mild and balanced temperament. He is very intelligent, sensible, calm at home and has strong relation to his master and his family. He has a very good attitude towards children but is very reserved with foreigners. He barks when feels danger. Italian hound grows up psychically between 2,5-3 years of age.

This pedigree is very sensible to the treatment. When properly trained he learns fast and is very obedient. Present italian hound is competent setter as well as retriever. He is lively hunting dog with versatile abilities who likes to work on the ground as well as in the water. He is also an excellent companion.

The care of italian hound is not too timeconsuming. There is not much trouble with the fur, falling hairs can be brushed off and from time to time check the auditory canals for possible dirt.