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Welcome to the websites of our breeding kennels. „ Říčany Meadows“

Our internationally protected breeding kennels deals with the family breeding of golden retrievers and was founded in 2001.

Our female dog CYRA OF ZÁSMUKY is the first golden retriever bitch which achieved the title DUAL CHAMPION. Cyra is CZECH BEAUTY CHAMPION and CZECH WORK CHAMPION as well.

dogs on grass

Our family reunion has, after many discussions decided to buy a little dog. We paged through many dog´s atlases and learned that the assets of golden retriever are: beautiful appearance, pleasant, friendly temperament and unusual intelligence and great loyalty, above all. Every family member agreed – we will buy a goledn retreiver. It became quite clear that will have the female dog with birth certificate. We learned from books that female dogs have calm temperament and because of children we wanted the guarantee of good an balanced dog.

laura a cyra si hrají

So we went to get LAURA. Everyday life has suddenly chaged with Laura´s arrival. I started to walk her regularly out and started to come across new friends, both people and dogs. Remembering those days I always have to smile. She was my first dog and it was her who taught me. I discovered how unexperienced and inconsistent I was. I was happy when she brought the ball back and was not insisting on exact handover. I was exited how easy, gladly and with passion she learned. I always had good mood and lot of energy.

For her not to be sad I had bought her new friend – another golden retriever Cyra. Both bitches fit immediately into our life. They always tried to be the first entertainers of our family. They give us love and affection and are immediately ready to participate at every action. They rather skip meal than our love.